Till We Meet Again

Dear All,

I finally reach this day when I say till we meet again.
I’m not a poet yet not romantic enough to write long and touching words but all I can say is thank you beside asking your sincere forgiveness for all the mistakes I’ve made.
Thanks for all the knowledge, experience and laughter you all had shared.

I’m still reachable at my cell +62818032036xx or email at dani.rachmat@gmail.com.
or if you curious enough (about me of course 😛 ) I regularly update my personal blog https://danirachmat.com/ (comments accepted! 😀 ).

Wish you all happiness and success and be sure that happiness inside is the most important thing above any others (at least for me 😛 ).

(one handed typing is aint easy as I thought. the words gone faster than my hand types. 😀 )


Akhirnya diketik juga dan sent to all email user. 😛


  1. Hicha Aquino
  2. bemzkyyeye
  3. SazkiaGhazi
  4. Mechta
  5. Febrian Hendra Kuriawan
  6. De
    • Dendi Riandi

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