EF#24 Killer Recipe?

Skipped EF Challenges just didn’t feel right for me.  But all I could say was that life happened.

But then with all my will I intended to join this week’s challenge and when I saw the theme,  all I could think of was “hell yeah.  A recipes. Like I had posted one before. I posted none before, or did I?”


But then again,  a challenge is a challenge.

As for Ramadhan,  two of the easiest recipes that I usually cook are mung beans soup and fruit soup.

As I learned how to cook them from my mother and she didn’t put any measuring effort,  so I don’t have mine as well.  😛 Whenever I feel like to cook ’em,  I just see whatever ingredients available in my drawer.

Mung beans Soup
Without coconut milk

Mung beans soup (image from www.bimbingan.org)
  • Clean up mung beans as much as you want to have  ’em.
  • Soak in water for a night.  Well I only do it for couple of hours. (My mother said the longer the soaking the smoother the mung bean will taste.  Don’t know whether it’s true or not.  I think it must be because of all the water absorbed. Haha.)
  • Boil water (as much as you need it)
  • Put the mung beans in the boiled water and continue to cook them until the mung beans fissure
  • Add sugar (or not,  depends on your sweet preference)
  • In the last step,  I usually add more water since the previous water mostly already evaporated or absorbed by the mung beans.

Additional coconut milk
You can have your mung bean soup more savory and tasty by adding some coconut milk anytime.  But I prefer to add it on the last stage of cooking it to prevent having over bubled soup during cooking.  Hahahaha.

I usually cook it one to two hours prior breakfasting so that it can cool off a bit and I can put some ice rocks in it.
Fruit Soup

As for my second recipe,  fruit soup,  it is more easy-peasy than the mung beans soup.  Just boil water and add some sugar,  add cinnamon  and depending on how do you like your fruit texture,  still hard and fresh to chew or well cooked,  you just add fruit mix of your liking.

I usually go with melon,  papaya and apple.  You can dice them or make cute stars,  heart or round shape of them.  Voila!


Beside during fasting break,  I also like to snack them before bed and for sahur. I think that the recipes are so easy even someone who barely know how to cook can make them.

That are my two easy recipes for Ramadhan to answer this week’s challenge. Well they’re not killer as in when you try them the result will make you want die of its extraordinarily amazing taste.

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