Writing101 Day#3 Three Most Important Songs in My Life

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Day 3 of the Writing 101 is about three most important songs in my life.

A very exciting prompt. I intended to write the day 2 challenge first but then I had to take care my kid. So just be it, will write it after this one. πŸ˜›

The three most important songs in my life and why I choose those songs are:

1. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

I’ve written about this song before. This song is very important to me since this wasΒ the very first song that I sangΒ for my wife-to-be that now I’m happily married.

I even uploaded my voice singing the song. Curious enough? just open this post.

2.Twinkle-Twinkle Little Stars

Why this song is important to me? I sing this song to my son. This is the first song in English that I can sing for him. Why so? I learned about this song in my junior high school and still remember every word of it. In a matter of fact, this is the very first English song that I learned.

Now we sing it together when we have to go through a crazy Jakarta night traffic right after I pick him up from the daycare.

3. Desaku yang Kucinta

This is an Indonesian song that I learned during my elementary school. This song tells a story about the village where the singer is coming from. How beautiful the village is and wherever and how wonderful other places are, the village will always be on his/her mind since there his/her parents, relatives and family are.

I always shed tears when singing this song heartily.

This isΒ the video of the song.

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