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Good morning!

How are you my blogger friends? Been a while since the last time I did english post.

Last year couple of blogger friends came up with a very interesting idea, Mas Ryan, Nita and me then discussed about forming a Blog English Club. Mas Ryan posted about that in this BEC titled post. We think after my post about AFTA that was posted during my 31 Days Writing Challenge an idea about challenging ourself to post in English will be great for us to get our self used to in English writing and learn more about the languange as to prepare and improve ourself. 

Having said so, we then made a Line chat group and started to call the group Blog English Club which we plan to post a theme challenge in weekly basis. We then shall make a blogpost every friday with [English Friday] in the title answering the challenge for the week.

After some other bloggers expressed their interest, we then made a WhatsApp group for bloggers who interested to chat in English. Its been around two weeks we are chit chatting about almost anything and more than 12 bloggers joined. So then I guess it is time to announce our first ever Blog English Club challenge and the theme that shall be posted on Friday 9 January 2015 is drumroll:

What is your word for 2015?! 

Yes, word for 2015, what do you think yours is? For me it will be learn, or to learn. I will make more elaborated explanation about it later on. It can be food, hard work, honesty, faith or anything that can describe the year for you. Instead of resolution the word can be your theme for the year, anything you plan this year may (or may not) based on the spirit of the word.

Link your post here so that your post will be more visible and listed along with other post.

I will definitely use this as my learning space and hopefully many will learn together with us.

Have fun!

Blog English Club



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  4. Ira
  5. dolce far niente
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