[EF#10] I Can't Resist Pecel

A late submission for BEC’s English Friday challenge week 10: what is my favorite Indonesian food.

My answer is Pecel! I can never resist the temptation, at least to try how it tastes anywhere I find it. There are so many variations of it, but the one I like the most is the one known as Pecel Madiun. Wikipedia already has the full description of this food.

I love this particular food since it has so many vegetables in it. Most common vegetables that are used in Pecel are water spinach, spinach, yardlong bean and mung bean sprout. We can boil or steam those vegetables. When we serve it, only then peanut sauce is added. The peanut sauce ingredient itself vary depend on how you like it. Level of spiciness is also determined from the peanut sauce.

I prefer to have this Pecel served with fried tempeh, tofu, and egg. How about you? do you like Pecel?

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