[EF#13] I Run for My Life

A and His Ball

I’m not a sporty one, well really not into the sport to begin with.

This post to answer BEC weekly challenge about what kind of sport do I choose.

I remember how my father tried so hard with all his might to get me to do any kind of sport. I grew up as a kid that chose books than any outdoor activities. I spent spare time during my school years reading books from school and library, read magazines and comic books. Quite contrary with my father that even run a Pencak Silat school. Well not one with a well-known name and branches everywhere, but every Thursday evening, there were twenty to thirty people gathered in a field near our house back then and my father trained them.

Well, that was me.

Am I any different now?

Nope. Not a bit. At least not before A came to my life.

It is funny though. To think about it, I have never interested to do any sport for the sake of my health. I always did it for other purposes. There were times when I hit the gym three times a week, hired a personal trainer so that I can look good on my wedding day. A bit further back then, I tried to learn swimming so that I could have a L-Men body shape (which of course failed miserably – I didn’t know how to swim exactly).

But now, with A around'”, I started to think that I want to be a healthy person. Strong enough to run beside him when he grows older. To be his partner and to accompany him as long as God let me. Looking down at my belly I know that something must change. So instead of back to the gym, I choose the easiest and simplest sport. Running.

It only needs a shoe and yes to get the style of a more advanced runner I use my cell phone, headphone and those stuffs, just to look good. 😛

So let’s just say that running and I are meant to be together. I love it and I definitely will do more out of it. Well, I have skipped my schedule for the last two weeks. In my defense, this is all because of this unusual rainy season that last until this April. Heavy rains always come during my running session or right before I start.

But, I can say I will still run for many kilometers as long as my legs let me. 😀

What about you? What kind of sport do you choose?

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