EF#31 Entertainers Aren't Overpaid, Are They?

BEC challenged us to think a bit further. Not really the kind of challenge that BEC usually throw. I remember they had this kind of challenge before when they threw a challenge for members to write our opinion about children games now and then.

And for the last bi-weekly challenge, they took one of IELTS questions about whether entertainers are overpaid or not.  This of course if we compare it to another “more serious” profession like nurses,  doctors and teachers.

What do you think?

At first when I read the theme,  I thought that indeed,  entertainers are being over paid.  What they do basically is only entertain us.  However,  we can live without them. Without entertainers,  world would became a less cheerful place,  but so be it.  Why do we have to pay them a load of money then?

A thinking came into me,  slowly,  like water seeping through a piece of cloth.

Why don’t I see it from the effect of those professions?  The ripple effects that caused by a singer performing for 30 minutes or so for example.  Well,  before getting to that let us see another profession in the question for comparison. Doctors.

I don’t have any intention to undermine the profession which helps people by curing disease and ease others’ pain by the way.  When a doctor do what he is doing,  he help that particular patient life to the extent of his/her family.  The doctor may also sell medicine and medical equipments.  But that is how far the economic effect caused by a doctor doing what he/she is good at.

Well saving life isn’t something we can measure by any amount of money though,  but hopefully you get my point. 😛

Now let’s get back to a singer performing only for 30 minutes or so.  Well I don’t know exactly how much they are paid but it must be a fortune. Raisa for instance.

Being on stage only for 30 minutes,  she can sell so many things without even trying. Indirectly (or directly?) she paid the whole band,  stage business owner,  lighting and everything.  She create businesses for people.  That’s only from technical aspect of the performance.  Not mention the costume and fashion industry where her nice dresses was coming from.

Now let us (supposedly) saw her standing there. Being pretty as usual.  People took her pictures.  Admired how she looked and all.  Girls and ladies then tried to find out which lipstick match the color of her lips,  another addition to economy. What about the shades on her cheek?  Well another thing right?

There are so many things can be monetized and the economic scale that an artist bring with her/his performance can be used to justify why they are getting unbelievably big amount of money. Not to mention by how many people they can touch emotionally and get entertained.

That is the way how I see it.  What do you think? Entertainers aren’t overpaid right?  Or are they?

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