[EF#7] I Present to You: Jakarta!


Answering Week 7 challenge of English Friday, Snap and Tell a Story, I upload this picture.

I choose this very small fraction of Jakarta. Taken from 9th floor of Lotte AvenueΒ shopping mall abbreviated as LoVe.Β It is located in Mega Kuningan Jakarta, an area known as a business district and location of many embassy offices. The picture above shows area behind the district.

I love taking pictures of rooftop and this one is clearly showing many of them. Other than that this picture also tells a story about Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

Growing up in Surabaya, not originally came from Jakarta, I always admire the city. Since I was a little kid, I used to hear stories about how people will try to get their feet here. Venture their future and throw out their comfortable life back where they come from. Jakarta was the city full of possibilities the stories said.

Now, even though I’m not living in the city, but most of my days are spent in Jakarta. I start to drive from home from a neighbouring city at 5.30 am every working day and get into the city around 6.05 am. Leaving Jakarta around 7.00 pm. 12 hours in the city, I guess people may say that a temporary resident of the city. Does Jakarta really offer many opportunities? Yes, I can say, for those who are really strong willed. You can do almost anything here. Whatever you can sell there are people who are willing to buy.

As for an example for anything I mentioned, here in this city you can find food in a very wide range of price and from almost any part of Indonesia (and some parts of the world). From my personal experience, I can find food from ten thousand rupiah from street food vendors until couple of hundred thousandΒ rupiah in a fancy restaurants.

Jakarta also offers food from all over of Indonesia. One said that you don’t need to travel throughout Indonesia to taste country’s culinary, you only need to come to Jakarta. Really, in a mall foodcourt you can easily find food from almost any region in Indonesia. Even there are also foods from other countries, not to mention a country specific restaurant.

That is only about food, what I can say is that you will definitely find almost anything you want in Jakarta.

To me, the picture represents the diversity that the city has. There are small and cramped houses in a densely populated residential area, but just a few meter next to it, there is contrast view of high rise shopping malls and office buildings looking so modern.

Amazing right? That is only a small part of Jakarta and a very tiny fraction of Indonesia my beloved country. What about you? What picture and story do you have?

Here you can read Indonesian version of the above post



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