[EF#4] Understand Them All

Jelly Translator (image from Doraemon Manga Wiki)

Fourth challenge of English Friday. If I were able to get my hands on Doraemon’s magic pocket, what tool would I grab? Definitely a Translation Konyaku/Translation Jelly.

It’s not such a fancy tool, not as fancy as the time machine or personality modifier chosen by Andik but it will fit just fine for me. There would be so many things I could do with this jelly.

Since there is no exact time limit how long this jelly works, I just assume it will work forever. That is how Nobita and Doraemon manage to travel to faraway lands and meet so many different creatures and nations and they just communicate freely, right?

What I want to do with this jelly? Of course, I will have a piece of it first. By understanding any language and ability to speak them out, I will do following things:

  1. Find someone rich enough to fund a research  on the jelly and produce more of it.
  2. Distribute the jelly to world’s leaders so that they can understand each other without any hassle. Hopefully, this way there won’t be miscommunication anymore.
  3. Provide the Jelly to all scientist around the globe so that whatever they are doing could be sped up. Imagine how many cure to fatal diseases could be produced this way.

However, I won’t make the jelly available for the masses as it could cause lessen the beauty of this  world. If everyone can understand each other easily then it will discourage people to learn. So I will just keep the jelly available for the above purpose.

This rather a short post since those above are the only things I really want from Doraemon’s pocket. How about you? What kind of tool you want to get from Doraemon’s magic pocket?





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