[EF#17] How I Ended Up A Banker Instead of a Doctor

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The last week of April’s challenge from the English Friday is speaking about future goals. The challenge asked us to tell our childhood future goals. Something that I didn’t firmly hold.

I wanted to be a doctor. Someone who helps people, cure their sickness and give comfort for those who suffers. Every time people asked me for what my future goal when I grew up, a doctor was always my answer.

Not even once my parents told me to change it. They always replied with a joke that I should be their doctors when they were old. They never discouraged me. Not until I was in my high school years. My older cousin went to a medical school to be a doctor.

We learned that medical school took 6 years to finish, not to mention the cost needed to finish.

Given the fact, my parents never did discourage me. They only asked me to think it thoroughly whether I really wanted to take medical school or not. By the time I learned about what it takes being a doctor, I grew myself a lack of interest to Biology and anything related to it. I couldn’t find any interesting part of the subject unlike Mathematic and Chemistry.

Maybe that is why I can accurately calculate the chemistry between you and me #eaaaaaa.

Then I applied for Informatics as my first choice and Mathematic for the backup. Simply because informatics was a major with the highest passing grade at that time. At least for the rayon/district I was in and simply because I thought that I was going to learn Microsoft Office there.

((((MICROSOFT OFFICE))). Can you imagine how silly was that? Knew nothing about what I was about to jump myself into.

I struggled going through my college years. Not that I got bad grades, but I simply didn’t enjoy sitting in front of bulky, stiff and box-shaped computers coding, running the code and debugging. Though I really enjoyed the human-computer interaction subject which in it, we learned to design the best user interface for a computer program to interact with its user. I scored As and Es here and there and graduated with 3.41 GPA. Not too bad. But I couldn’t imagine myself being an IT guy. I was just not that into it.

As I already told so many times here in this blog, one day during my last year of college I watched a Metro TV news anchor talked about how the financial market performed. She was Sandrina Malakiano. She was so smart and didn’t even blink mentioning all the indicators and instantly I wanted to understand about them all. I wanted to know about how the market works.

With a very limited knowledge, all I can think of was to apply to a bank. I didn’t know about securities firm. It was a blessing to even get to know a vacancy as a bank’s management trainee, securities firm was beyond anything that my family and I knew.

The rest is history. What about you? What is your “how I ended up a banker instead of a doctor” story? DO you also have a similar situation or you successfully landed your future goal into your lap? 😀

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