My Favorite Writers (Up Until Today)

Yay! Finally, BEC got this Indonesian writer topic as a challenge. Latest published challenge was the result of a poll on now active Facebook Page. It is about Indonesian writers that you like the most. My earliest recollection of reading is back to my elementary school years. I was always so curious in the beginning […]

How Pokémon Go Affects Personal Finance? (In Positive Ways and Also The Things You Need to Be Aware Of)

Really want to know how Pokémon Go affects your personal finance? You gotta read this post and may find yourself a business idea or two!

Will You Bare It All?

Yeah, I’m the one posted the 16.7 challenge for English Friday today. The topic has been nagging at the back of my mind for quite some time. About honesty when it comes to your blog. With vibrant blogging atmosphere nowadays in Indonesia, there are so many bloggers updating their blogs daily. Every each one of them […]

Managing My Online Presence

Managing my online presence. This is actually answering BEC challenge today. Yes, this post is in English, if you want to read it in Indonesian, just click the translate button on the bottom right side of the screen and choose Indonesian flag image. Hopefully, you will not get a confusing translation 😀 Mbak Yo suggested […]

Why English Friday Blog is Good for Learning English

With the title “Why English Friday Blog is Good for Learning English”,  you must already know that I want to promote Blog English Club from the title of this post right?  Hihihi.  *biggest grin* If you just started to learn English,  or decide that you want to improve your English skill especially in writings,  you […]

Making Money from a Blog

Have you start your own blog? You can start making money from a blog. It is fun to blog and interact with other blog writers. Through blogging, you can start writing your thoughts about the things that you love and yet you will probably can get paid. 😀 So why don’t you start now?