[EF#17] How I Ended Up A Banker Instead of a Doctor

How I ended up a banker instead of a doctor is the story of my childhood future goal answering English Friday challenge. It is far indeed from a doctor to a banker, isn’t it? What about yours? 😀

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The last week of April’s challenge from the English Friday is speaking about future goals. The challenge asked us to tell our childhood future goals. Something that I didn’t firmly hold.

I wanted to be a doctor. Someone who helps people, cure their sickness and give comfort for those who suffers. Every time people asked me for what my future goal when I grew up, a doctor was always my answer.

Not even once my parents told me to change it. They always replied with a joke that I should be their doctors when they were old. They never discouraged me. Not until I was in my high school years. My older cousin went to a medical school to be a doctor.

We learned that medical school took 6 years to finish, not to mention the cost needed to finish.

Given the fact, my parents never did discourage me. They only asked me to think it thoroughly whether I really wanted to take medical school or not. By the time I learned about what it takes being a doctor, I grew myself a lack of interest to Biology and anything related to it. I couldn’t find any interesting part of the subject unlike Mathematic and Chemistry.

Maybe that is why I can accurately calculate the chemistry between you and me #eaaaaaa.

Then I applied for Informatics as my first choice and Mathematic for the backup. Simply because informatics was a major with the highest passing grade at that time. At least for the rayon/district I was in and simply because I thought that I was going to learn Microsoft Office there.

((((MICROSOFT OFFICE))). Can you imagine how silly was that? Knew nothing about what I was about to jump myself into.

I struggled going through my college years. Not that I got bad grades, but I simply didn’t enjoy sitting in front of bulky, stiff and box-shaped computers coding, running the code and debugging. Though I really enjoyed the human-computer interaction subject which in it, we learned to design the best user interface for a computer program to interact with its user. I scored As and Es here and there and graduated with 3.41 GPA. Not too bad. But I couldn’t imagine myself being an IT guy. I was just not that into it.

As I already told so many times here in this blog, one day during my last year of college I watched a Metro TV news anchor talked about how the financial market performed. She was Sandrina Malakiano. She was so smart and didn’t even blink mentioning all the indicators and instantly I wanted to understand about them all. I wanted to know about how the market works.

With a very limited knowledge, all I can think of was to apply to a bank. I didn’t know about securities firm. It was a blessing to even get to know a vacancy as a bank’s management trainee, securities firm was beyond anything that my family and I knew.

The rest is history. What about you? What is your “how I ended up a banker instead of a doctor” story? DO you also have a similar situation or you successfully landed your future goal into your lap? 😀

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I think every person has the turn in their lives, and did you take it or not, it’s your choice. I guess you have taken yours, Mas :haha. Sudden turn of profession? Yes, I am with you. From freaky nerd wormbook natural science students to a tax-learner and suddenly be a paralegal. What other turn of events could I ask? :haha.
All I can do is keep being grateful :)).

Aaaah!! I see, you’re a paralegal! After all this time I tried to pinpoint what are you exactly
I always thought you were a tax officer or something related to it. Haha. Indeed, we never knew where life will bring us right Gar? 😛


I can say that mine is not that different, I just went with the flow. Those opportunities arose without any struggling back then. Let’s just say that this road had been prepared 😛


saya waktu sekolah ambil jurusan IPS karena ngga ngerti kimia, fisika, dan biology… padahal di IPS ada akuntansi yang saya nggak ngerti juga 😀
kuliah D3 akuntansi —> kerja di pajak jadi harus belajar pajak –> bbrpa tahun kemudian malah asyik di bidang IT
nggak nyambung kayanya 😀

Memang jalan hidup gak ada yang bisa nebak arahnya ya Bang. Hihihi..


College does not prepare us for a job. We’re not limited to jobs in the field we got our degree in. College is about networking and making friends. 😀

Aku pun akhirnya ngga jadi dokter Bang, padahal uda lulus di FKH Unsyiah.. Tapi bersyukur sih karena malah jadi blogger. Belom tentu pas uda jadi dokter bisa nulis kayak sekarang. Hihihi 😛

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