No Regret

Gasp! It’s already Friday the second week after the last published challenge on English Friday #30 Your Plan Your Regret and I haven’t written my piece answering the  challenge!

Pardon me for my late submission.

If anyone asked me what was my regret maybe it was not following my heart choosing what major I took in college.  I just fell in what most high school students did at the time when it came to college admission test.  Put the highest passing grade major as the first option and put whatever you like as second option which was obviously had lower passing grade.  Then I (still as mainstream as it was)  took my most favorite major as a back up and it was Product Design which in it there was interior design courses.

I still don’t know whether it was a blessing or not I passed the admission test for my first option.  Informatics Engineering. A major I knew  a little only about if I may not say nothing.  😛

I bury deep down my love of sketching and designs,  well math as well anyway.  I put math as my second alternative.

Years gone by and here I am now.  With internet connection nowadays,  creative people have their opportunity as wide as internet can reach.  I am wondering what would it be if I had chosen Product Design major.  Maybe I wouldn’t be sitting 8 hours a day analyzing numbers in my spreadsheet (yeah I don’t even have a job in IT related field!).

But what I can tell you now is that even though the regret is there but it’s not as big as my feeling of being blessed by of how wonderful life I have now. I’m grateful for everything in my life now. Should I say I live no regret?

So,  what’s your regret?  😀

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