Let’s Have Some Fun!

Blogging is a fun stuff.

That was the line that I should remember. I didn’t post anything for a while before my son was born because I was overwhelmed by what happening daily. This situation kinda drive me crazy and topping of this condition I posted this .

Some comments for that post was so encouraging.

One from the blog star Erry Andriyati with her Bibi Titi Teliti blog, an accute korean drama lover, said that I should do this blogging things for fun. Another one from Surya (I don’t know his facebook page and I can’t believe I say thisΒ which I just found his facebook page amongs hundreds of my friends) Β a college friend and writer of fun ways to get yourself a vacation, said that my activities are insanely crazy. And also Mba Irma, who maintained her simple yet so wisely written blog of Bintang Timur said the quite same things that blogging should be fun.
I put myself at rest from being pushed to write and I write as I want it.

But then Teh Erry started to join that Korea Trip contest with this post. As usual, she writes with the exact amount of absurdity, cheesy jokes and whole hearted sincerity which made me stays from time to time checking in for her updates. I started to comment as well and amazingly she always replied with her witty response. So much fun. And in the end, she won the trip.

From there I started to read other blogs. It was interesting and fun to read people minds through their writings. Β Left some comments and found new friends through blogging. Then I back to my own blog.

A lame heavy themed page, no pictures, no witty jokes and way too demanding post that require you to think to read my blog posts.

Well okay, just open my about page, so boringly it says

Born in 80’s era. Love creative things from writings to drawings

Yes that’s it. Sounds so lame!

Sooo.. To do a fun blogging, I’ll do some make over here and there. First thing first: about page! Why? Since that is the page I open first when blogwalking on others’ blog!

By the way I owe Mba Bintang Timur for the blogging experience and bring me to Teh Erry’s blog. Thankyou! πŸ™‚


Ps: did I use english in this post? don’t realize it till now. dilempar kulkas yang udah penyok ditendang


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