[MtM] It's (Not) All About The Money

Pray (photo courtesy of Mas Wirjawan)

Do you believe that everything in life is all about the money?

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Pardon me for posting everything related to Blog English Club’s first meet up last Saturday for the next few days this week.

The first thing that I would like to write is how could we manage, held the event, for free. Some of our members asked us about this. That was the exact question that we asked ourselves before deciding to go with the first meet-up. We want to make it free, or at lowest possible cost.

First, communication wise, we try maximize chat applications available. We decided to use WhatsApp as our communication platform between admins (and up to date we still use it for the group). We discussed so many things back and forth. We even set Saturday night (often late at night) as our regular meeting schedule.

Further issues is how about documentation, poster to announce the event and also ticketing. We tried to find a way that we will represent BEC quite professionally yet without paying a dime. Luckily we found Piktochart to design invitation and Eventbrite to sell tickets. As for documentation our choice is Google  Docs as we already use it for BEC group administration. It’s quite powerful, with more than 100 members we can manage the data easily among the five of us.

Once we decided to go with the meet-up, we started to think how to get a great speaker to share his/her knowledge. Luckily Deva is quite active in twitter and she follows a numbers of well known and experienced people. She started mentioning them and asking their willingness to share their vas knowledge. Surprisingly, we got some responses. The first one confirming her availability was Miss Ollie founder of kutu-kutubuku.com and co-founder of nulisbuku.com.

Inspite of her vast knowledge and abundance experience, She willingly came as a speaker for free. Pro-bono.   Her reason was that she is very interested to know more about our community and it’s a good cause to improve bloggers’ English skill as it can help to represent Indonesia in Internet world.

We also receive other supports from various generous people, namely Millie Cakery that provided snacks for 50 people, get party.inc to provide us decoration for the venue thanks to Nita and Mr. Wawan who shared his deep knowledge on Internet Security and even we get a live streaming coverage from Idcaster. Thanks to Ryan for his extended circle of friends so that we can get so many things from live streaming to picture documentation.

Apparently you only need a good cause, sincere heart and the universe will conspire to help you to make it through.

The very important thing I learnt is to always have good faith on people and not to hesitate to help a good cause.

What do you think?


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