Unbelievably Brave Jakarta (and Indonesia) That I Love

Looking at today’s condition, I can say that I live in unbelievably Brave Jakarta. I was so stupid to fell in fear and terror and became one of those who helped the terrorist spreading fear. I forwarded some messages and didn’t even try to seek for some kind of confirmation. But then I realized that it wasn’t wise and stopped to spread the unconfirmed news. It was as bad as spreading the victim’s pictures.

But thanks to our police force who was bravely countering the attack. It was a terrible event and I’m sorry for the victims family for their loss. May their soul rest in peace.


When I scrolled my social media accounts I was amazed by how people react. They do feel sorry, sad and mad for the event but they didn’t lose in panic and fear. People giving support and try to encourage others to inform positive news instead of spreading unconfirmed bad news which would frighten people more.

#ImSafe #SafetyCheckJakarta and other hashtags spreading faster than the bad news.

Again, thanks to our police squad I can go home at around the same time as any other regular day with a lot less fear.

Jakarta Traffic

Today, everything seems back to normal. I can find traffic jam here and there and everything run as usual. Business as usual. To add the good news, ladies in my office today are so busy talking about the handsome police officer with its #kamiNaksir hashtag.

So yes, seeing how today runs until this very minute, I can feel that we are Jakarta people are not afraid of the terrorist. We love the city and we love Indonesia. People spreading positive energy everywhere. This is our city, this is our country that we love, that I love. We are going to be alright.

We are going to be alright.


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