[EF#11] My Outfit Of The Day (from last year)

Well, I am not stylish enough to post about outfit of the day, am I?

I know that so many guys out there nowadays are fashionable enough to follow latest trend for their daily attire. Since I work in an area surrounded by shopping malls, I get to know men are just as trendy as the ladies. In men ways of trendy.

I can see their hair are trimmed thin enough to show their scalp on the left and the right side while the rest of the hair that long enough is combed neatly backward using Pomade to look slick and shiny. They use slim fit shirts which they let it hang it loose outside of their skinny trousers. Some of them roll their trousers above ankle to show it clearly the nice shoes they are wearing. Boots, sneakers and other kinds that I’m not familiar with.

As in for color, nowadays, men no longer afraid to wear what we used to categorize as “girl/woman colors”. Pink or purple? I can spot men wear them casually everywhere . I have a pink long sleeve shirt myself. Well, I think that I need to buy more pink shirt as I like to wear it very much. Mbak Eva said that men wearing pink outfit shows that they are comfortable with their sexuality. I don’t see any problem wearing the color, as long as I comfortable with it and feel confident. Or should I?

Ok, if I keep my blabbering I don’t think this post will answer the challenge. But unfortunately today we are expected to wear Batik that we bought together from Cirebon so we’ll have some kind of uniform and I don’t want to use the photo for the post. So I will just give you my old picture taken after I had dinner with my wife and A. I’ve posted it somewhere but I think it’s ok to post it here again, isn’t it? 😛

I have been using that Pull and Bear shoes for more than 3 years already! I love it as it is very comfortable yet its durability is amazing!

So this is my answer for week 11 of English Friday challenge: OOTD and also anwering Mrs. Andika’s challenge from my last year challenge which she challenged me to post my OOTD. 😀

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