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Been a while since the last time I wrote a post. What was that? Aaqil’s first word right eh?

Then all so sudden I just wanted to have some time away from blog. Not only write a post but also reading updates from you friends. Time flies and now, more than a month away I didn’t touch my dash.

If you asked me what happened like some of you did (thanks for asking to you 🙂 ), I just don’t know what happened. Just wanted to have sometime alone. Wasn’t there anything happened interesting enough to post? Oh in fact there were so many of them. Just didn’t get the push to write. That’s all.

Aaqil’s caught a fever in about the same time when one of my friends’ 4 months old daughter passed away that frighten me as hell at that time. Then he developed some new skills such as asked for our foods and ate them as if he were already a big boy. Getting of our bed so easily now so that we have to keep an eye on him even more now. And yeah dancing everytime he listens music plays.

Me and Bul? We’re doing great. We regularly watched Suze Orman show and though watching it kinda depressing but it brings so many good things for our financial awareness. Thanks to ipad, podcast and to CNBC’s free podcast episodes of their Suze Orman show. If you’re an apple device owner and you are subscribing to data plan that big enough you don’t know what to download, just download Suze Orman show from your podcast. Totally free and its great to watch. So many knowledge in it.

Job? Just great with so many new deals coming in. But never interested to write about work here. You know.. Yeah..

What else then? Well, there are so many things happened but onething for sure. I miss writing here. I miss blogging. I miss you. My friends.

Hopefully I can write more with more honest writing and more regularly.

Why I write in english? Oh did I?

Lastly, pardon my grammar and mistyping. If you have suggestions regarding technical aspect of the writing feel free to comments. 🙂


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