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No Regret

If I was asked what was my regret, I would say my major in college. I wish I had chosen art instead of Informatics Engineering. But now, my gratitude is even bigger than my regret. I'm living a wonderful life!

[EF#10] I Can't Resist Pecel

Pecel is definitely my favorite. Many said that this is a Javanese version of Salad. I can never resist the temptation to at least try Pecel whenever I find it. This week 10 of English Friday challenge theme is about our favorite food. What about you? …

[EF#7] I Present to You: Jakarta!

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, has so many to offer. The picture represents this. Contrast dense residential area side by side with luxurious shopping malls and office buildings. I present to you the small fragment of the city! :)

[EF#6] Meet Me! :D

This week challenge of BEC's English Friday is about alter ego. I don't know exactly whether I have any or many, but for sure you can find several version of me. The blogger, the awkward person and the marketer. Wanna know more about me? :D

[EF#4] Understand Them All

Fourth challenge of English Friday. If I were able to get my hands on Doraemon’s magic pocket, what tool would I grab? Definitely a Translation Konyaku/Translation Jelly. It’s not such a fancy tool, not as fancy as the time machine or personality modifier chosen by Andik …

Ad Blocker Detected

Saya menyajikan blog ini dan segala isinya gratis. Untuk mendukungnya, iklan ditampilkan di blog ini. Mohon dukungannya untuk mendisable ad blocker yang dipakai di bwosernya ya. Terimakasih! (^_^)