A Complicated Relationship to Me

Speaking of complicated relationship, to me it is not only between a man and a woman. It is relationship in general. A day to day communication with other people is complicated. What about you?

Conversing as part of a relationship

Complicated relationship. This week theme challenge from BEC.

I blame on Facebook to make “complicated relationship” term only for relationships between men and women which have to go through any complication. As to me,  I name every single relationship that I have with another human being as  a complicated relationship.

It’s never easy to connect to other people to me and yet keep them happy or at least doesn’t feel any negative feeling. Not that I try to please everyone since I know I can’t.

Everytime I talk to other people,  I have to assess how their feelings,  what are likely going through their mind and how should I deliver a proper respond. I try my best not to be insensitive and use my emphaty.  Well,  most of the time I failed miserably.  When things happen,  I try to reach out and let them know how feel and think about the issue(s) so that we can move from there towards a constructive solution in a respecting way.

Doing all that,  I foolishly expect people to do the same thing.  Surprisingly I still expected too much from others. I got hurt if others treated me the other way. I got hurt when there were insensitive responses,  self centered solution or sometimes when there was no response at all.

Getting through those kind of interpersonal relationships is a bit of a challenge to me.  I realize that expecting people to have the same kind set of thinking  just won’t work.  People come from so many different backgrounds and it is impossible to expect them to act the way we want,  right? So having that in mind,  I started to stop expecting too much.  Impossible to say that I can stop all at once.

On the other hand,  trying to save my time and energy,  I will just focus on a relationship that works.  Save my time and energy,  moreover I won’t get hurt.

Human relationship really is complicated, isn’t it?

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On the other hand, trying to save my time and energy, I will just focus on a relationship that works. Save my time and energy, moreover I won’t get hurt.
i do it too, mas dan. but sometimes, i am the one who fight more to save my relationship with others i love, hehehe.

Daaannn knowing youu..I think you try to hard I mean just be yourself and let others accept you for who you are. Don’t make it into a burden. Friendship, love are supposed to be based on natural interactions and feelings. That way you can relax too. Having said that, I am not going to deny that some people are just plain difficult which is why the more reason for you to be yourself. Hence, no expectation

Thank you Mbak Mikaaaaaaan… If only you were here, I will just give you a warm big hug! 😀


Same as me mas Dani. I expected too much from others and it only made me hurt. Even now it’s still hard not to expect that way but at least I’m started to accept and let it go 😀

Let’s try our best to have expectation-free-relationship with other San 😀


I agree with Mbak Mikan, too many people which are so different, and we can’t please everyone. Just treat the others the way we wanna be treated but less expectation *grin*
And I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt you in the other way, I have never had any intention for that 🙂

Whoaaaaa, why do you have to say sorry Naaad? You did nothing wrong! I just write down what was inside my head answering the challenge by the way. 😀


Ain’t I all the time Masbroh? Huehehehe. I find it everywhere Mbah. 😀


Yup… Let’s save more time Mas Dan.. life too short to handle all of those complicated things.. ^__^

Relationship with other people is indeed extremely complicated because no two persons are the same. And of course there is feelings involved also which makes matter even more complicated.

Indeed Ko, that is why it is one of the most difficult part of life. *halah


I agree with mbak Mikan mas Dani. You can’t make everyone happy mas…so relax and be youself

right! as you say, we can’t please everyone and we have to realize that human beings are created different 🙂 Keep and always be yourself.

Can’t agree more! Indeed itis the most difficult relationship! 😀


I suppose you know the golden rule, Dani. It is the key how to get a good relationship with other people, whoever they are…. 🙂

It is… yaaa namanya jg hidup yak.. Tuhan yang nentuin, kita yg jalanin, orang lain yg komentarin..
Padahal satu sisi kita ga pernah komentarin dia.. hehehe..
tapi bener dan… manusia itu unik banget.. dan selama apapun kita berteman ama manusia lainnya.. selalu ada kemungkinan dia akan berubah sikapnya ke kita.. jadi menurut ku, mencintai diri sendiri itu yg terpenting.. if someone hates you, love them back.. never expect too much with someone… ^_^
inspiring deh tulisannya..

Aaak. Makasih Wi. Iya memang bener Wi. Meskipun susah ya is someone hated us and we loved them back. Hihihi.


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