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Managing My Online Presence

Managing my online presence. This is actually answering BEC challenge today.

Yes, this post is in English, if you want to read it in Indonesian, just click the translate button on the bottom right side of the screen and choose Indonesian flag image. Hopefully, you will not get a confusing translation 😀

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Mbak Yo suggested this theme via twitter answering suggestion request from BEC’s admin. A theme which I had given a long thought yesterday. I took one day off to think about it and I don’t believe in coincidence, so when the suggestion came it must be a sign that I have to write this here. Haha 😀

Managing My Online Presence

When I woke up yesterday morning, a thought struck me. I haven’t checked all submissions for my giveaway! Then a train of thought came just all the way to how I want myself to be there all over the internet. It was including how can I manage to consistently be there and what kind of image I want to put on the display.

With so many bloggers, communities of bloggers, buzzers and people telling me I should be like this, I should be like that blah-blah-blah, it is kinda more and more confusing nowadays. As if peace had left the blogosphere. So I give it a long thought and decided that I will just go my own way. Isn’t that what blogging is about? Blog my own way!

I have posted once about this before. My core value in blogging is to blog what I love and to love what I blog. This blog is one of my online presence anyway.

I Invest to Manage my Online Presence

I consider my online presence rather seriously (or so I think :P). I bought two new laptops in less than three years so that I can write more easily. Well, not that I use both of them, the first one I bought just went dead without any possibility to turn it back on again.

I bought two domains and self-hosted my blogs with the hope that I can have more flexibility on them, including monetizing the blog. My other blog is mendadakwp.comPut on premium themes on them and (if necessary) buy premium plugins.

I know that my blog is worth the money (in Indonesian) I have spent and I think that if you really think your blog as well, don’t hesitate to invest more. As you already put your thoughts and set aside time for it.

What do I Blog?

AEON Mall as part of managing my online presence

As you all following my blogs from the beginning may already know how I shift my focus here. Once I wrote this and that about being a newly dad, update my rants about so many things and maybe some sharentings, I even shared rather extensive stories about my son.

But then I realized I want to limit it, I want to protect y son’s future online presence and limit my share of my family story. Thus, I write lesser about family. I didn’t even update about our vacation to Bali.

At first, I thought that I would be run out of idea once I stop telling stories about them but I don’t.

I manage to find new ideas and write new articles about personal finance. The topic that really fascinates me. There are so many sides of it I can blog. I want to share what I know as much as I can.

Regarding controversy in the blogosphere, I understand that those kinds of topics will definitely gain many views and attention but I firmly say that I will not follow the same path. It is not always about what to write that can stir controversy, but also the way to write. Thus, I won’t try in any way write something which can turn many people to react strongly to my post. Yeah, you know what I mean.

Hopefully, people will read my post because they want to read it. Not because they curious about what make people furious. That is how I and will manage my online presence.

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“Hopefully, people will read my post because they want to read it. Not because they curious about what make people furious. That is how I and will manage my online presence.”

Nah ini…. Setuju! 😀

Eh Lia, kemaren pas baca komennya bingung. Ini kok yang dicopy dalam bahasa Indonesia ya. Hahaha. Ternyata gw bacanya emang versi translatenya.
Indeed, I want to be known for what I share, not the controversy of the things I shared 😀 Thank you yaaa


Can I say that managing online presence is like personal branding, Mas? I like the idea of blogging in our own way. Because, well, seriously there’s no regulations regarding to that. And we shouldn’t be judgmental of how other bloggers do with their blog as well. Bring peace back to the blogosphere hehe
I like this post!

I think so Nad, our online presence is our personal branding. Indeed, we shouldn’t be judgemental on other bloggers. Let us create peace Nad! 😀


Reading this made me think why I blog and why I should blog. I agree that you limit your son’s story on your blog, Mas Dani and I like the term “protect your son’s future online presence”. Maybe I should consider that also. 🙂

Thank you Mbak. I realised that my son may want to preserve his existence in internet and if I over share his early years it may violate his privacy. 😀


Couldn’t agree more with this statement mas : “Hopefully, people will read my post because they want to read it. Not because they curious about what make people furious.”
How if I say it’s all about controlling? Since I believe that everything has two sides – positive and negative – so do the online presence nowadays. When people can’t control their habit (I don’t say it’s a bad habit anyway) with their online stuffs, the borders between “real life” and “online life” will be so gauzy.

But what I like the most from blogging is when I talk about my life, like a tragedy happened then I write is as a comedy. Should I protect my future online presence?? ehehe..but I do agree wth you Mas about blog what you love and love what you blog. But, mostly of them is my personal life since one of my bucket list is publishing my personal literature. Such a too big bucket list, huh? -.-

A sales person and a people person normally dislike like conflict…because that will be bad for business…

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