[EF#6] Meet Me! :D

This week challenge of BEC’s English Friday is about alter ego. I don’t know exactly whether I have any or many, but for sure you can find several version of me. The blogger, the awkward person and the marketer. Wanna know more about me? 😀

Thank you for reading and following this blog for all this time.
Answering this week’s challenge from BEC’s English Friday: Alter Ego, I would like you to meet me! yes! Dani the blogger of this blog! 😀 *booo!! *boooriiiing!!
Hahahaha, If I am asked about my alter ego maybe I can introduce you to my alternate personalities. I have some of them. Here they are:
The Blogger
This side of me who is currently writing is the one that you get to see the most. I post (almost every day) with any kind of topic I can get. My post seems light, no deep thinking and sometimes (hopefully) quite entertaining. Not that I meant to be different from my true self. What I write here is totally legit. Nothing is hidden behind the story, but sometimes it kinda misleads people imagining me how I’m in person.
Ryan said once that my writing showed that I’m a very easygoing person, not worrying about many things and those kinds of fun side of the story. But is that so? Well, some bloggers I met didn’t say so. Well, let’s meet Dani in Person.
The Awkward Person
Well, I can’t say much about myself. I’m always thinking that I have so many flaws that others don’t. “He’s too smart, she knows more about blogging than me, she write better, his logic is superb, he lives in a very big house, he befriends with celebrities”, and so on and so forth. Those kind of thinking, comparing to others are always in my mind. The point is other people always seem more than I do.
That will bring you meeting an awkward person, hard to find something to talk with and tend to hunch when you ask me to take a photograph with. My posture will say that I’m very unconfident. People say that I’m humble, but I think I’m just downright having nerve breakdown meeting people. However, I have to overcome this when I need to present myself as a marketing person. Professional side of me.
The Marketer
If you know me in person outside of my profession, you won’t believe that I love to do presentations. I love meeting management of a company. Discussing their financing needs  and finding out solutions. Arguing for hours through a phone conversation for hours (with shouting at each other sometimes). Find the best solution for a situation in the office related with my client or the likes.
I can sit for hours analyzing a financial projection and defend my work in front of my boss or other higher-ups.  That is me doing what I do for a living.
I don’t know whether I can call them my alter ego or not, but it is so true that I will change into one of them depending on the situation. If you meet me in a blogger gathering, maybe you will meet the awkward me instead of the blogger or maybe the blogger comes out and we can talk and laugh about so many things together. Or maybe in the BEC first meet up (have you registered? If you haven’t, please go here) where I will meet BEC members attending the event, I will be the awkward or maybe the marketing person that will guide you through the event confidently together with Nita, Deva, and Mbah Andik. I don’t know.
Whichever Dani that you met or will meet, trust me, they all are exist! 😀
You can find my other submission for English Friday under English category.

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Well, I won’t entirely believe in what you’ve talked in this post until I’ve met you in person, so I can distinguish which persona you show onstage to which one you show backstage :gampared :tendanged :geplaked
Is that picture drawn by yourself, Mas? :hihi. That’s a good one :hehe

tulisannya selalu menarik bwt dibaca baik sebagai blogger atopun marketer…
agak oot, eh kenapa selalu make kata Mbah bwt Andik? alter ego nya Andik itu mbah mbah kah?

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