[BookThursday] Andy Weir's The Martian

Pernah ngebayangin terdampar di Mars dan harus bertahan hidup selama satu setengah tahun dengan ketidakjelasan apakah akan bisa selamat atau nggak? This very book tells us the story. Cerita tentang astronot yang “ketinggalan” di Mars dan gimana dia bertahan hidup di sana, mulai dari perbaikin baju bocor sampe nanem kentang! Reviewnya gw bikin bilingual. Kali aja ada yang lagi nyari buku science fiction! 😀

Andy Weir’s The Martian (picture from goodreads)
My problem when reading a book is always constant urge to read another page.
Andy Weir’s The Martian is one of the books that kept me doing so.
Title: The Martian
Writer: Andy Weir
Format: e-book
Language: English
Page: 300
My review will be in English, Indonesian version of this book review.
I found out about this book from Goodread’s polling. At that time, I was ambitiously set my reading challenge to 50 books for this year. The Martian is the 7th book I read so far.
At first, this book was not so appealing to me. The first few pages of the books show map of some unknown land, well at least not that I know of. Apparently it was a map of Mars’ surface (remember the title of the book is The Martian! :P).
The story then started with Sol 6 log entry from a surviving astronaut that was left behind by his team during an unusual storm attacking their martian exploration mission. He survived being blown away by a storm and got separated from the rest of his fellow team mate who managed safely reached their spaceship that will bring them back to Earth.
Well, sol is day count in Mars which is shorter a few hours compared to Earth’s 24 hours daily round the clock.
The story then continued for many sols later telling in detail how Mark Watney -the astronaut’s name which amazingly survived the hazard- fought his way to save his very own life. Not until sol 42 which is chapter 6 of the book another character is introduced. It was a bit lonely reading sessions I had until sol 42. I got the very same feeling as when I was watching Tom Hank’s Cast Away. Lonely and helpless. But right after the introduction of the NASA people, I feel relieved that this Watney will get some support later on in the book.
How to rescue Watney then became the focus of the book after how he tried to save his very own life. Well, along the book, Watney was still trying very hard to keep himself alive until his rescuer came and picked him up. A very unexpected ending of this book kind of surprised me.
Well, story wise it was good but not the one with extraordinarily twisted plot or any unexpected development, meeting any native martian, for instance. But the strength of this book is how Andy Weir described everything from Mark Watney’s way of thinking in very detailed way for everything he was doing. Did I mention that Watney’s character is an engineer and a botanist?
So I got to know how to seal a leaking space suit, growing potatoes in martian atmosphere until how to convert short range two martian explorer rovers into a trailer for 3,200 km journey to next martian exploration project after his for the rescue. I bought it that Watney could survive on Mars for a year and a half.
This book is definitely satisfied my hunger for science fiction and deep space exploration after last year I watched Gravity and Interstellar. I imagine how would be the movie for this book.
If you are into this kind of genre, I recommend you to read.
Indonesian version of this review
PS: I learn this pagination from Bang Rifkis submission in BEC’s English Friday challenge. Thank you Bang for the inspiration! 😀

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ah… saya penasaran sama film cast awaynya tom hanks. soalnya nonton nggak sampe selesai. begitu nemu judul cast away di server, langsung aja copy. begitu dibuka dan ditonton… eh ternyata film korea 😀
nah, mas ryan nyoba bikin halaman ini koq belum berhasil yah? mas dani bisa…. jadi bingung

mas Dani, ada paragraf yang dobel tuh di awal. #oot
nice review, anyway ^^d
Buku ini goodreads choice best sci-fi kan ya?
ah, space-theme novel/book masih sulit buat saya. Ini aja baru mau nyoba baca novelisasi interstellar -,-“

Hm… although I’m not into this genre very much, this book indeed looks interesting (dimasukin ke daftar baca dulu, entah dibacanya kapan) :haha.
Saya juga kepingin tahu bagaimana cara bikin postingan seperti ini… :hehe. Ajarin, dong!

Sori tadi kepencet Gara. Hihihi. Bukunya menarik banget Gara. I was also not to fond of this genre but after reading the book surprisingly I love it. 😛
Kalo buat bikin yang seperti ini nanti kapan-kapan gw bikin di blogging things aja kali ya 😀 Tapi yang punya ide duluan emang Bang Rifki 😀

A book which is able to keep me wanting to turn another page IS a good book! 😀
Damn I think this is a very interesting novel but I think it will be difficult for me to find a time to read it.

Waaah seru kayaknya. nanti gw ceritain hanif. Dia lg suka hal2 yg berbau planet pak…..lg demen2nya ama tata surya…

Selalu suka pembahasan tentang luar angkasa.. pernah baca di NG edisi Mars, kalo kehidupan di Mars ada kemiripan dengan Bumi, jadi mungkin kalo bisa bertahan hidup sampai 1,5 tahun.
Tapi di buku ini lebih menceritakan kehidupan di Mars, penelitiannya, atau tentang Mark Watney gimana bertahan hidup di sana?

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