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[EF#12] Getting Here and There

Commuting in Jakarta and its nearby area is somewhat challenging. However, we need to do what we gotta do right? How about you?

Serpong Train Station
My means of transportation. This week’s challenge of English Friday.
Speaking of transport for my daily routines, it is quite hard not to talk about it with some kind of sad mood.  However, let’s get to the fact only, not how I feel about it! Yosh!
I live in Tangerang, a Jakarta neighboring city. It is around 1 to 1.5 hours driving in a normal traffic. What I mean normal here is of course with the traffic jam here and there but not heavily congested condition with a heavy rain or an accident occurs.
I work in Jakarta. So getting up early and commuting is a necessity. There are some options to get to Jakarta.
The cheapest and maybe the fastest one is by using trains from a nearby train station to get to Jakarta from where I live. Commuter lines as we refer to this mode of transport. It only takes roughly 45 minutes from Serpong to my latest stop in Jakarta. I said cheap since it only cost me six thousand rupiah for a two way trip. However, from tge train station in Jakarta, I still need to take another two kinds of public transportation to get to my office and they cost me anoter sixteen thousand rupiah for the two way trips in the morning and in the afternoon. In total I need around three hours and twenty five thousand rupiah a day.
Other than train there are also busses that can take me to Jakarta, but this is not an option for me. If I took busses to get to Jakarta, I need to get going from my house around 5 or five fifties. Yet the traffic will still be the same.
Unfortunately trains and busses only work if I commute alone. Not if I have to take A to daycare. In that case, Driving is my only option. Taking train or buss will only brings too many hassle for me since by either train or buss I still have to get to the daycare. It is very expensive though driving. At the very least I have to spend fifty thousand rupiah. But then it’s the most convenient way.
What about you? How do you manage to get here and there everyday?

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Thank God my office and my parent’s house (where i reside now) its only 2 mins away by ojek! so happpyyyyy… no more traffic and thats the reason why i always postpone to live in our own house far away in Bekasi
gak sanggup jadi commuter… ngebayanginnya aja udah mules2 🙁
and for me, the best transportation in Jakarta is the one and the only Ojek! sometimes their price is so high even higher than Taxi but they are so reliable and fast!
aylofyu abang ojek <3

I enjoy very much reading each post from BEC’s challenge this week. We haven’t seen all the submissions yet as it still opens but I have read some about Jakarta and surroundings. As a non Jakarta resident I always wonder how people from outside Jkt can cope with this mood saddening (as you said 😀 ) situation and if they have a plan to go back to their hometown one day.. Bagaimana dg anda bapak Dani? 😀

quite funny because i would prefer to keep myself away from Jakarta and luckily Serpong welcomes me every Mónday-Friday. I think Serpong is a friendly place to live and work. Wouldn’t it be nice for you to just work around your way in Serpong?

Im trying to find one though. Actually last month I was seriously asking but there were so many things swarming in my head, thus I couldn’t even make a good conversation with you. Is there any? Ah! Better if I contact you directly. Hehehe.

yeah, we hardly conversed much at the meet-up. btw, unless you’re German and thinking about applying as primary teacher, then you are welcome here 🙂 unfortunately we have no vacant position for the local staff at the moment. Ever tried searching for vacancies in schools around Serpong?

I love CL. Maybe because I take it only on weekends, so I don’t have to experience the hectic morning and evening for people who usually use CL for work. Well, I’m still a kid with his motorbike, so usually I wander the city using my motorcycle :haha.
Btw, good photo. You always get the beauty of the sun :)).

I choose a nearby resident from my college to stay. I only need to walk to the college. Hihi. But if I have to attend some meeting or invitation at Jakarta, I usually go there by Commuter Line or motorcycle. I am a biker 😀

for me…comlineee is more efficient public transportation than took a bus.. 😀
walopun harus kayak pepes, pasti apapun akan dijabanin… hihihihi

saya pernah waktu ke jkt di ajak teman naik commuter lines,walaupun berdesak2an tp lumayan cpt nyampenya,dan untungnya usah ada gerbong khusus wania jadi walapun berdesak2an tetap nyaman 😉

Sekarang uda jarang nyetir yah, Bang?
Aku sih pakek Honda ke mana-mana.. Di Medan ngga ada KRL gitu. Bus pun jaraaaang.. Angkot sih yang banyak, tapi ugal-ugalan semua.. -_-

Lu pasti tau komen gw dah…
Walaupun depan kantor gw yang sekarang ada APTB yang bisa langsung nyampe Bekasi. Tapi gw tetep memilih jalan kaki atau naek metromini sejenak ke stasiun untuk commuter line….dengan resiko udah gak kayak pepes lagi dah….lebih parah dari itu…sampai bingung ngejelasinnya….cuman…ya paling murah dan bebas macet….tapi ga bebas gangguan sinyal….damn…. 😉

naik kereta sebenernya enak ya. cuma sayang akses ke beberapa daerah belum ada. jadi mesti beberapa kali naik angkot. semoga nanti MRT jadi, banyak line nya. jadi ga naik turun angkot.

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