I Don't Know If They Are (Simple Habits That Change My Life)

Simple habits that change my life can be as simple as sleep early and wake early. How about you? What is the habit that changes your life? Answering this week’s BEC challenge, here are my habits! 😀

Speaking of simple habits that change my life answering BEC’s 27th challenge, I don’t have much to say actually. Unlike Vita who posted so many life saver simple habits, or Andik who posted that there should be no excuses not to be the best in everything or other members’ posts that I find the habits are awesome, I couldn’t think of any that worth a post. Well, hopefully, these ones I write here are habits good enough to post. 😀

Sleep Early Wake Early

Well, I started this habit just recently. Until few months back, I was definitely someone who stayed awake through the night just to get things done. I used to do things up until 1, 2 or even 3 am in the morning, got some sleep for two or three hours before started for the day. But then I felt fatigue and my body couldn’t cope with it any longer.

Then one night, I just gave up and went to sleep around 9. Somehow, without even tried to wake up early, I woke up around 3 and I felt so fresh and full of energy and I could stay awake through the day. So I copy that. I sleep around 9 or 10 now and wake up around 3 or 4. Well, there are days where I sleep it through until 5 of course but most of the days I wake up around 3 or 4.

Now I do my things very early in the morning, writing posts or blog walk. With nothing bothering my concentration, I think I can do more compared to when I stayed up all night. I think I will keep this habit for the rest of my life.

Read (even if only) Few Pages Every Day

As I have to drive around 2 to 6 hours every day, my reading time is becoming less and less (as I need to blog and blog walk as well *grin). I think to myself that this shouldn’t stop my reading habit since I still have a challenge to complete, haha. Kidding. Since I love to read very much, I can’t let myself not to read any single pages.

So I stuffed my reading in between my activities with toilet time as the time to read. I always try to read when I have my nature calls, even if its only for a few pages. Fortunately, I can keep track reading two or three books simultaneously. I have two books sitting around my toilets at home and books in my Kobo and Kindle apps. So lack of reading is not my issue, but the time is. That is my read few pages each day is crucial for me.

Think That I’m The Main Actor

I posted about not being a victim attitude a year ago or so. This habit helps me to reduce stress and cope with things better.

I stopped blaming people for what happened to me. Well, at least not for a long time. I blame others still for a short period of time when something happens, of course, but then I change the way to see the problem and put myself as the main actor. I try to see how things can go differently if I act or react another way.

That way I have more controls of the events in my life. I don’t know, it seems minuscule and minor may be but for me it brings great effect on how I see things and how I should cope with problems.


So what is your habit that change your life?

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11 tanggapan untuk “I Don't Know If They Are (Simple Habits That Change My Life)”

oia baca beberapa lembar itu memang perlu bnaget ya Mas Dani, udah lama banget ga baca dan buku makin menumpuk x_x

wah lu termasuk orang yang cukup tidur nya di bawah 8 jam ya. suka kagum ama orang2 yang gak perlu tidur lama gitu. enak jadi jam aktif nya lebih banyak ya.
kalo gua gak bisa, mesti tidur 8 jam. belakangan karena suka keterusan nonton tv jadi tidurnya paling 6-7 jam doang. tapi kalo udah weekend langsung tepar banget trus jam 8 atau 9 udah tidur. hahaha.

iya aku juga sering heran (dan pernah tanya langsung ya dan, hahaha) kok kamu bisa cukup tidur sebentar gitu?
Btw itu yg dipasang foto apa, kok bisa kembaran gitu bajunya 😛

Bisa ya bangun jam tiga… saya meski tidur jam 9 tetap saja susah bangun jam 3. Bangun jam 6 pun masih susah juga (dasar kebo sih sayanya :haha). Tapi tidur cepat memang banyak manfaatnya. Jam biologis tubuh jadi teratur, akibatnya tidak perlu weker lagi :)). Oke, ini habits yang sederhana tapi manfaatnya besar banget ye. Cobain ah :hoho.

and they say waking up after night-sleep in time around the hour of 2 or 3 is the best time to do Tahajud prayer? But hhmm…the temptation to snuggle even deeper in the blanket is beyond measure. godaan oh godaan…

Haha, I can’t do the sleep early wake up early habit. Even if I am already tired at, say 7 PM, at 9 PM somehow I would get extra energy to stay up until, say, 11 PM, haha 😆 .
Same as what Arman said above, I must sleep on average 8 hours per day. During the weekday, most of the time I do less though but I compensate this in the weekend 😛 . Otherwise I would get tired easier after some time…

Tidur kurang dari 8 jam kadang memang enak Dan. Cuma efeknya lama-lama bener2 capek. Apalagi gak diimbangi sama makan n olahraga yang sesuai. berasa banget.
Belum baca lagi nih. buku lo aja masih blm beres2 smp skrg

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