The Accomplice of Capitalist Devil

It was an interesting day.

I woke up 10 minutes past 10 am. Blew almost all my morning schedule. I planned to go swimming from 7 am until 10 am or so before i go to barber shop. Sweating all over since I use a very thick blanket woke me up. Dizzy, I couldn’t find balance to stand on my feet for couple of minutes.  I had quick shower and than made my breakfast in warteg (stands for warung tegal, common term for dining place where you can get a full set of Javanese main course with a glass of sweet hot tea for less then nine thousand rupiahs) nearby.

The day seemed to past way too fast.  I went to my girl’s place. After strolling here and there me and her ended up in Cikini on an exhibition, world education fair to be exact. Both of us really want to continue our study. While she wants to continue her education in environmental engineering, I want to get a master degree in some business course.

The last stand we visited was a university in UK. The lady who was in charge gave us so many explanation about subjects that we want to learn. She told us in that particular university they don’t have master degree in environmental engineering, neither the coursework nor the research study but they have it in environmental management field, one that is more into business. Though they don’t have the subject she promised us that she’ll help us to find the information. When I told her that I want to study business management and asked her whether there’ll be any scholarship for that field, she answered in no time, “Well, I believe while there are so many scholarship for environmental engineering especially in energy conservation subject, I don’t think that there’ll be any scholarship for the subject that you are interested in. Why is that? I think that she is going to save the earth after she graduated but you, with your degree i think that you will be another accomplice of those capitalist devils. No offense though, you know it already right?”. She laughed but she never meant to do any harm by saying that, I could tell.

I get this image from this site

Haha… being the accomplice of capitalist devil. Am I not at the moment? Working on one of those major banks in this country who give loans to big, wealthy and profit making corporations so that they can make more profit and grow even bigger.  Yeah, that kind of conditions I am in at the moment. But, maybe only to make peace with my conscience, there are always upside of being the accomplice of capitalist devil.

  1. I help those big companies keep running by providing funds for them (through the bank I’m working for) to expand their business so that they can pay thousand or maybe hundred of thousands Indonesia citizens working for them, not to tell millions of people depending on those worker.
  2. Those companies that I help to manage the accounts, provide communication services for Indonesians.  At the very least I help Indonesia for not being left behind.
  3. While working I contribute to my country’s wealth since the company that I’m working for is a state owned company –> and this very reason who keeps running in my head whenever I wanted to apply to another company.

Naive reasoning. I know that. But at the moment, I live by it. So maybe I’ll just shovel the idea of being the accomplice of capitalist devil right through the bottom of my heart so that It will not bursts and gives my conscience any disturbance. Haha..

PS : It costs nearly fine four hundreds millions of rupiah to get an MBA degree in UK since there’ll be no scholarship in that particular field

PPS : I’ll try to get a CFA certification first instead before working my ass off to get an MBA

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My husband always says that MBA is the end of humanity. It is truly the worst of social engineering.
I somewhat agree. The MBAs always have their own clique, and use their own ‘stupid’ terminologies. 😀
Having said that, if I were to commit myself to a post graduate course, it is very likely that I will go for an MBA. 🙂 It does open up some success doors, and after all, don’t we all need to be part of the clique anyway? (If we were to succeed in this capitalist era?)

Ahahaha.. Love the way you put it. -We all need to be part of the clique- 😀

But still, it needs a fair amount of money

its depends on what side u want to save the earth, nothing wrong bout economycs side, i guess.
at least saving your own family.xixixi….thats part of the earth too ;p
syemangadddd…kamu bisa!

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