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EF#29 Little Missy and English

I learned English partly is because of Little Missy telenovela. This is the story about Little Missy and English. Somehow, though at first it was full of rage, but now it become one of my fond memories about learning English.

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This is a very late submission for BEC’s 29th challenge About Someone.

Well-well, it was quite hard for me to tell a story about someone for this challenge since there are so many people I would love to write the story about. But then an idea struck me.

Why don’t I write the story about someone who drove me to learn English? I hope I don’t fill this story with much anger though it all started with it. 😀

It was back when I was still 7 or 8 years old. Still in my first or second year in elementary school. There was no English lesson at that time. The subject was only for junior high school back in the 80’s. Nothing and there was no way for a poor elementary school student like me to get an access to English related material.

On other side of the story,  I have an aunt who always watched me when my mother had to attend her little shop. During that time, I hung out a lot with my aunt’s friends. She was in junior high school. Also at that time, there was this telenovela ptogram aired in  TVRI well known as Little Missy though it was not the official title. As you may already guessed, how the last Little Missy episode aired in TVRI would be the main topic of the discussion between us that time.

That particular day, I was so interested to join a chat between my aunt and her friend. They talk about, yes of course, the telenovela last episode. Without permission,  I almost screamed:

“You all must be talking about Little Missy, I know!”

But I made a grave mistake. I pronounced Little as li-tle instead of li-tel. Soon my aunt’s friend broke into laughter. She laughed at me, at how I pronounced the title of the show,  mercilessly. My aunt knew how hurtful it was for me and tried to stop her friend.

From that moment on I swore that I will learn English by myself and get better than her. A promise too big but never be regretted.

I started trying to find out how the correct pronounciation was. I tried to find it from the books in my school library and there it was, a dictionary. That was my first time learned about a dictionary. I finally knew how to read it. And then until one day there was this program, Sesame Street aired in SCTV, a new  private TV station which taught kids to learn about English.

I remembered it well how I asked my mother for a blank book and a pencil to write down every single words displayed in the show. All of them just to satisfy my childhood rage and my swear to master English better than my aunt’s friend.

Hahaha. I still even remember about it clearly now.

Don’t get me wrong, I was in good terms with the lady, my aunt’s friend who laughed at me turned out to be a big help during my wedding in Surabaya four years ago. But unfortunately,  she already passed away a couple years back. Bless her and may her soul rest in peace.

I thank her for that devilish laugh and that Little Missy telenovela to push me to learn English so that I can explore the world more than I can imagine as a boy.

Here’s a trailer from Little Missy:


This is my story about someone, Little Missy and English. What about you? What story do you have?

Warm regards,
Dani. 🙂

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28 tanggapan untuk “EF#29 Little Missy and English”

Awww Little Missy! Aku ni blm baca postnya loh, baru baca judulnya udah gatel pgn komen hahaha.. Aku dulu juga liat itu, hari Minggu siang kan? Nama tokoh yg aku inget cuma little missy ama Baron xD. Aku juga udah lupa ceritanya gimana, budak2 gitu bukan seh?
*nah, skr baru mau baca post nya xD

And this is it.. your English better than her. I’m sure about that! Haha.. hmm Little Missy.. I also watched this telenovela. I love their gown and their umbrella, so preety! (Agak lupa sih sm crt little missy, kecuali ingetnya masa budak2 gtu ya.. ) hehe..

I never know this telenovela so I can assume that we are in the different generation. Hahaha…As I remember my first telenovela is Carita d Angel. But I really like your story since you can learn a lot from ur mistake. Though u were embarassed at the first but then it can be your trigger to finally learn English and now you can master it. Yeayy…

Ahahahaha.. Definitely we are in a different generation. 😀
I watched Carita De Angel as well by the way but it was way more recent than Little Missy 😛
Yes, Thank God I can get something good out of it 😀


Waaahhh I never know this telenovela so I assume that we were born in the different generation. Hahahaha…telenovela that I remember I watched for very first time is Betty Lavea??
But thats good because u can learn from mistake. Though u feel embarassed but then you turn it into the trigger n motivation to learn Englisj then finally now you can master it. Yeayyyy!! I can see you late aunt’s friend means a lot for you.

I think I could see a curious boy started writing down every single word in a show and slowly he grew up and be a very clever person :)).

Dear, Dani, I have gone through your story and i’ve found some slight mistakes that is going to give different imagination. Mind if I make correction to yours and then you will give me some comments too on my corrections, if you so required.
Your English is very good in terms of building a story, the one that I cannot do. But you also have to take care of using or putting the correct preposition as well. How about your spoken English? Is that as good as your written one? If so, then I have to practise my English with you. How about that? Here is my phone numberr 081290536336.Good luck.

Aaah Bundaaaa. Thank you-thank you very much for yourcomment and I will gladly accept your correction and suggestions. I also gladly accept it if you post the correction here Bunda. My spoken English is not that good but I’m saving your phone number Bunda. 🙂


Bravo Mr. Dani! The feeling of rising after being laughed at can really make a whole lot of difference, right. Maybe what they say is true… we learned from our mistakes 🙂 and yeah we just have to chlak it up to experience and be better next time…

Waktu SD, ada anak baru pindahan dari kota. Gw agak2 sebel sm ni cewek coz agak2 sombong gitulah ya. Terlebih pas dia pamer punya Om yg kuliah di Inggris, trus bisa ngikutin NKoTB (yes, you read it right, ‘that’ NKoTB) nyanyi step by step. Pas di SMP akhirnya kita dapet pelajaran bhs Inggris, seneng bgt tuh gw kalo pas ulangan nilai gw lebih gede bhuahahaha

Beda banget ya jaman dulu ama sekarang. Di SD sekarang kayaknya anak2 udah pada pinter bahasa inggris gitu. Mana tempat les menjamur. Kalo aku, kata dalam b.inggris yg pernah mis-pronounce nya itu everyone (everiyon) sama island (islan) hahahahaha malu rasanya!

Wow, Dani, WoW. Speechless saya bacanya
Yep, sebuah “penghinaan” “bullying” whatever ituh, pada hakikatnya kembali pada diri kita masing-masing ya. Mau terus2an mengasihani diri sendiri dengan bullying itu, atau justru menjadikannya BATU LOMPATAN yang membuat dikau melompat JAUUUUH LEBIH TINGGI.
Well done, Dani.

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