You Should Go to A Cinema For These Reasons!

You should go to a cinema for these reasons despite there are many reasons not to. A must see movie is to good to be passed on just as is.

Yeay! Another challenge from BEC and this week is all about movies! Actually, the challenge is what makes you go to a cinema and watch a movie?

A very simple and straightforward right? come on! Let’s join the challenge!

As much as the good movies that are no-brainer ones when it comes to deciding to watch it or not,  there are also movies that just not worth it. Of course, I have my own kind of movies that I will try my best to watch it on the first day of its viewing. So for me, I will get up and go to a cinema when a movie fulfills certain criteria.

Well I even made a post for a movie alone in the post about 9 Reasons to Watch X-Men Apocalypse yesterday.

Maybe it can help you decide whether you spend your time with the luxury of the comfy sofa at your home or just get out to the cinema.

You Should Go To A Cinema for These Reasons!

The Movie is An Adaptation of A Book I Love

Why I go and watch a movie

Oh, How I love reading books! So whenever there’s a movie which is an adaptation of a book that I really like, most probably I will get my lazy feet to a cinema and watch the movie. Though of course, the movie is not necessarily a box office hit nor becoming a mainstream popular movie.

The Martian The Movie for an example. When I knew that this movie was going to be released, I was anxious with anticipation. A must see movie since I love the book. I finished The Martian book version even before people started to talk about the movie and I love it so much. And fortunately, even though the movie is not as good as the book (duh, surely, the book version is always better for me), I loved the movie. It was great to see how the story rolled on the screen.

But of course, every story has another side of it. Not all of adaptation movies could successfully portrait the greatness of the books. Take Supernova: The Knight, Princess and The Falling Star for an example. It was so bad, I couldn’t even hold myself cursing almost all of the time inside the cinema. But still, I went to the cinema.

Rated More Than 8/10 on IMDB.com or More Than 79% on Rottentomatoes.com

Behind a movie

Yes, of course, I’m a devout follower of IMDB and Rottentomatoes rating and I believe everything those movie critics have to say. Sometimes I enjoy watching a movie without even have to worry about the ratings, but most of the time, I did my research.

Deadpool and Ant-Man are the movies that I needed to do an in-depth research before I finally went and watch them. After the research, I pretty much already understand what to expect from the movie.

But, many good reviews not always makes a movie a good movie. Sometimes it was only an OK movie. Most of the time, the superhero movies are like this.

You Should Go To A Cinema When You Know That The Movie is Good

You should go to a cinema if many cinema goers are talking about the movie

Ok, the last category is kinda absurd and hard to grasp. But if I know that the director is great and or people are buzzing about it, a lot. Or maybe the actor is your most favorite actor of all time.


The Big Short is one of the movies that fall to this category since I am a big fan of Christian Bale’s works. I watch almost every single of Bale’s movies since American Psycho. Another example of this kind of movie is The Hateful Eight which I didn’t do any research and just went to a cinema to watch since it is a movie by Quentin Tarantino. I fell for his movies since Kill Bill which told the story of The Bride. And the last example which the movie was getting so many buzzing words from people, The Revenant. I decided to go and watch this movie since there were so many people talked about this movie and about Mr. Leonardo who personally, I don’t like his movie that much. 😀

What about you? Do you have the same reasons to go and watch a movie? 😀

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Hmmm actually i never go to cinema so far. I dont know why, i think going to cinema is good, when i dont have any task in my house, i often thinking to go, but when i’m out, i suddenly forget it. hahaha sorry for my english.

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